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Made-to-measure as easy as off-the-rack

You want a tailor-made suit or shirt, but don’t want to pay tailor’s prices? An innovative new service sends the fitter to you, and your made-to-measure clothes are delivered within three weeks, at a fraction of the normal made-to-measure price.

Edit Suits Co. launched in Singapore in March 2014, and has now opened in London, with plans to expand into other UK cities (maybe Cardiff?) in future.

So if you have friends or family in London, you may want to make them aware.

A made-to-measure suit from Edit Suits Co. can be had for as little as £389, and a tailor-made shirt from £59, and quality is assured with nothing less than 100% natural fibres used for suits and shirts.

“It’s very early days, but already we’re seeing tremendous enthusiasm for the idea,” said co-founder, Reto Peter. “Many young, and more established, professionals who could never have considered a tailored suit, now have that option.”

More information about Edit Suits Co., and how to request a fitting, can be found at

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