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Smaller black bins on the way, as Rhiwbina plays its part in meeting recycling targets

People in Rhiwbina are being asked to ‘think before you throw’, as Cardiff faces the challenge of  increasing recycling and composting rates and striving towards the Welsh Government’s recycling targets.

Many Rhiwbina households will receive 140 litre blag bins to replace the existing 240 litre black bins, while some will receive black and green (garden waste) bins for the first time.

Councillor Bob Derbyshire, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “There is no doubt that Cardiff faces challenges which other Welsh local authorities do not. The Welsh Government targets are challenging but they set the standard in the UK and remain the right thing to do from an environmentally sustainable point of view.

“If you look across the border at cities with comparable populations and demographics, our recycling performance is stronger than it appears in a purely Welsh context. The city’s recycling/composting rate has increased from single figures to over 50% recycling in the last decade, however as we strive towards the 70% target for 2025 the scale of the challenge obviously increases.

“I would like to thank everyone using the services provided to recycle for the city. I encourage all those who are not already doing so to think before you throw, if we do not meet these targets fines will be incurred – and this money is better spent on other vital public services that we provide. Your contribution does matter both in terms of the environmental benefits and reducing the risk of financial penalties on the Council.”

Rhwibina residents will be receiving leaflets to explain how how the changes will impact on their individual property, but broadly speaking :

  1. Flats with communal bins will remain unchanged

  2. Approximately 4500 properties will receive a 140L black bin in replacement of existing 240L bins

  3. Approximately 150 homes will receive a 140L black bin and a 240L green garden waste bin for the first time.

  4. Approximately 80 properties already have a 140L bin so will not be affected

Individual households can also check what the changes will mean to them by using an online postcode checker:

You can also look out for Tweets about the changesm carrying the hashtag #70%by2025 (to highlight the Welsh Government targets), and join the conversation.

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