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Rhiwbina shop makes headlines after complaint about a mug

Rhiwbina shop Ginger White’s received a visit from the police after someone complained about a Christmas mug with the word “Bollocks” on it.

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen this on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday (13th December) after Jason from the shop recounted the events: “We had the Police in the shop today, Ginger Whites, due to a complaint being made about our Bollocks Christmas mugs. Absolutely gob smacked as to why anyone would waste Police time over this. Seriously, put your time to better use!!”

Since then the story has spread to mainstream media. Wales Online picked up the story on Thursday (15th) and it has even been on the national Mirror news site.

We hate to see our overstretched police having their time wasted, but it did provide some publicity for a local business!

For our international readers: “bollocks” is British English slang for “testicles”. 

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