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Rhiwbina film achieves success in international festivals

The made-in-Rhiwbina short film Annalium 8: Sssss has been enjoying success on the international festival circuit.

The dark scifi film, written and co-produced by Rhiwbina-born-and-raised Rob Lancey, also produced by our own Andy Weltch of Weltch Media, and filmed locally, was a finalist in the Golden Short Festival (Italy) and a semi-finalist in the Euphoria Short Film Festival (Spain).

It was named in the top four scifi films at the London Seasonal Golden Short Festival and in the top 30% of entries for the Wild Indie Festival, also in London - with a chance for further improvement when the next round of judging is announced.

The producers are also waiting to hear from other festivals in the coming months.

The film, directed by Andrew ‘Griff’ Griffin, stars Francesca Louise White and Minaii Baelfire. Francesca is an award-winning actress, and Minaii holds the distinction of being the world’s first Black Young Elsa in a stage production of Frozen.

You may have seen the film at Monico Movies in October or at another local screeening, but if you missed it, you can now watch it online here.

For the latest news, follow the film on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook.

You can see the trailer here, and be sure to check it out on IMDb.

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