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Rhiwbina Against Single-use Plastic Campaign Launches

By Alys Jones

The campaign to make Rhiwbina single-use plastic-free took a further step forward with a launch meeting last week.

Organised by Rhiwbina resident Naomi England, the event on Thursday (April 19) served to spread awareness about the campaign, to encourage people to find alternatives to single-use plastic.

Rhiwbina’s commitment to the cause was evident with a great turnout at Snails Deli, including Anna McMorrin MP, Julie Morgan AM, The No Straw Stand and Plant2Plate, along with Rhiwbeina Primary School’s Mini Ambassadors and Eco Group.

The school has been praised for its contributions to the launch by finding ways to reduce single-use plastic. This includes taking part in Kids Against Plastic’s #PacketIn campaign, which involves empty crisp packets and biscuit wrappers being collected at lunch time and sent back to their manufacturers asking them to use recyclable packaging.

Also in attendance were The No Straw Stand, a group set up by two Cardiff University students to encourage businesses around Cardiff to stop using plastic straws. Among the businesses taking the #NoStrawStand is Rhiwbina’s own Snails Deli.

The launch was intended to raise awareness of single-use plastic pollution, and encourage residents and businesses in Rhiwbina to take more steps toward making the village the first plastic-free area of Cardiff.

Among the action already taking place across the village: The Art Workshop in Lon Fach has now switched to reusable bamboo cups and Snails Deli offers a free hot drink when customers buy one of their reusable cups.

It’s just the start, but changes like these could make a huge difference in the fight to reduce plastic pollution.

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