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Free first aid courses

A lifesaving charity is offering free courses to people who want to learn first aid as part of a national campaign.

For Save A Life September, St John Cymru-Wales wants as many people as possible to sign up for free courses that will be held during the month.

Last year, Wales’ leading first aid charity trained more than 2,300 as part of the campaign, but this year wants to go bigger and better – so wants people from across the country to sign up for Save A Life September 2015.

The training will also support St John Wales’ #itcanhappen campaign, which aims to make people aware that accidents do occur everywhere – at home, school, work, while playing sports or just walking to or from the shops – and its efforts to have a first aider on every street in Wales by 2017.

“Last year Save A Life September saw St John Wales pass on lifesaving skills to more than 2,300 people in free classes delivered by our trainers,” said Chief Executive Keith Dunn.

“That’s as well as the training we give to the more than 4,000 volunteers we have as part of the charity.

“First aid is something that many people think about learning, or brushing up on, but often don’t realise the need for it until they are in an emergency situation.

“By giving free first aid training throughout September, we are hoping to not only provide people with the skills needed to help out, but also the confidence to act in an emergency situation.”

The courses will be delivered at St John Wales centres across the country.

Anyone who is interested is asked to register their details at

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