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Do you have photos of Birchgrove cobblers?

The owner of Heathwood Carpets in Birchgrove is seeking help to find any old photos of the shop when it was a cobblers.

Martin Davies said the cobblers was in the building for decades, at least in the 1950s and ’60s. “The  shop was here when my family moved here in 1971, but I am sure it was here for at least 15 years previous to that – so late ’50s early ’60s.”

More recently, before the carpet shop, the building was the home of a photo studio and before that an art studio.

Martin recalls: “The cobblers was run by a Mr Gamlin, although I may have got the name wrong!  It was a dark black shop – not much to look at, but very good service everytime.”

He added: “I’m hoping someone will have a photo of the shop or maybe a photo of Birchgrove primary school opposite, which may include the shop.”

Anybody who has any relevant pictures is asked to contact Martin on 07837 949721 or email martindavies.1963@gmail.comPlease let us know too!

The photo shows the shop as it is now, opposite Birchgrove post office, at the junction of Heathwood Road and Pantbach Road.

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