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Seeking school governors from diverse backgrounds

Cardiff Council is looking for school governors from diverse backgrounds with different skills and experience to take up positions on governing bodies across the city.

The council wants to involve people from all walks of life, who would be willing to support a local school.

Becoming a school governor provides the opportunity to become involved with a local school and to directly contribute to the success of the children and young people it serves.  There is also the opportunity to develop professional and personal skills and experience in a range of areas such as strategic planning, decision making and financial management which can help with careers and personal development.

The local authority provides free continuing professional development to support governors in their role. As a minimum a governor could be expected to contribute approximately five hours a month to a school which would vary according to the responsibilities they choose to accept.

Council cabinet member Sarah Merry said: "Governing bodies should be representative of the communities they serve, and it is important that children and young people see people of all backgrounds on their school's governing body.

"We are especially keen to hear from people who are from a diverse background with varied skill sets and competencies, which can contribute to the future of a school."

For more information about how to apply, please visit:

The governor recruitment drive also supports Cardiff Council's Race Equality Taskforce, to increase representation of ethnic minority residents in school leadership through a school governors entry programme.

For more information on the Race Quality Task Force click here.

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