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North Cardiff bus routes could be in line for improvement

Bus routes to and from our part of Cardiff are among those which could be improved to increase passenger numbers and cut journey times.

Cardiff Council's Bus Infrastructure Plan, which sets out what it calls "a series of possible on-street interventions" on bus routes into Cardiff, will be discussed by the council's cabinet on 21 March.

The plan has been produced in consultation with Cardiff Bus, Transport for Wales, and other operators. If approved by cabinet, there will be consultation with the public.

In common with cities around the world, plans to increase the number of bus passengers in Cardiff took a major setback during the Covid pandemic.

Council cabinet member Dan De'Ath said: "This plan proposes six key bus routes which will connect with key interchange points, including the new Bus Interchange, Waungron Station, University Hospital of Wales, and current and future park-and-ride sites.

"The aim is to provide faster services, more accessible services that are easier to use, better integration between bus, rail, light rail, cycling and walking, and a better foundation to bid for future transport funding.

"It is important to make it clear that we are not proposing dedicated bus lanes along the length of these six routes, rather targeted interventions using a range of different methods to make travel by bus more attractive for both residents and visitors to use".

The routes in our area are:

University Hospital of Wales ('Heath Hospital') to the International Sports Village

Interventions will be considered to improve the journey times through Plasnewydd, Cathays and Gabalfa, including:

  • Kerbside controls - stopping pavement parking, stopping parking in bus stops or stopping cars blocking bus lanes

  • Improvements to the Albany Road/City Road/Richmond Road/Crwys Road junction and the Newport Road/City Road junction

  • Technology to give priority to buses and improvements to bus stops

  • Potential bus lanes towards the International Sports Village, where the road is wider.

City Centre to North Cardiff, RCT and Caerphilly

This is made up of several routes that connect with North Cardiff through Gabalfa roundabout and on to the city centre, with ongoing travel to both RCT and Caerphilly.

Interventions on this route could include:

  • An ongoing assessment of Gabalfa roundabout to identify how buses can be given priority

  • New technology to give priority to buses at junctions

  • Reorganisation of bus stops

  • Improvements to the Merthyr Road/Caerphilly Road junction.

The other routes involved in the plan are:

Ely to City Centre

City Centre to Newport Road, on to Cardiff Parkway and Newport

City Centre to Cardiff Bay

City Centre to Plasnewydd and North East Cardiff

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