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Meet Rhiwbina’s Wednesday Runaways

If you’ve seen a group of people running around Rhiwbina on a Wednesday evening, it’s probably the Wednesday Runaways – and you’d be welcome to join them.

The group’s founder is Sioned Jones, a keen fell-runner who moved to Cardiff from North Wales. The idea for the Runaways was inspired by her work as manager of a new social running project supported by Welsh Athletics and Sport Wales.

An acquaintance from Rhiwbina, Lucy Hammond, became a member of the project’s advisory group, and the two discussed setting up their own group in north Cardiff. “There was not really much on in the area for runners,” said Sioned. “I’d almost always see people running alone in this area.

“So in late October we posted on Cardiff parkrun and another group called Running and Cycling Buddies and we had about six turn up. The numbers grew weekly and the second week of January we had 27 running! Amazing numbers really.”

The group is for mixed abilities, men and women, although the group is mainly female at the moment. “We have new runners to seasoned runners, and we just all go out for a run at a chat,” she added. “It’s very informal, social and fun. We’re all mostly over 18 but would be happy for young people to join too, 16-plus.

“Lucy and I are qualified run leaders in Leadership in Running Fitness so that we’re covered by insurance. But we are not a club. There is no fee to come running. it’s totally up to the individual. We just facilitate the opportunity.”

The runners meet every Wednesday outside the Co-op in Heol-y-Deri, Rhiwbina at 6.30pm and run round the village. There are options of 5 miles, 2.5 miles, 1.5 miles and 4 miles.

For more information, there’s a Facebook group, or just turn up on a Wednesday. Happy running!

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