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Local films at Monico Movies

There was a very homegrown feel to this month's Monico Movies show at the weekend.

The main feature, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995), was written and directed by Christopher Monger, from Taffs Well, who sent a special video message from Los Angeles for the screening.

He is a former student of Monico Movies chairman Harley Jones. And in his message he confirmed that the story is based on traditional tales about The Garth.

Even closer to home was the curtain-raiser Annalium 8: Sssss, whose roots are in Rhiwbina itself.

One of the producers, our own Andy Weltch of Weltch Media, explainsed the local connections in his introduction. Other members of the crew were also in the audience.

Producer Andy Weltch (right) introduces our film with Garry Edmiston-Taylor of Monico Movies

Directed by Andrew Griffin from a script by Robert Lancey, Annalium 8: Sssss is a dark scifi short, produced by Weltch Media and Annalium Films.

In a world where all animal life has been wiped out, a scientist in full bio-hazard kit and with a life-support machine in tow, discovers a young girl, apparently fit and well…

The film stars Francesca Louise White and Minaii Baelfire. Francesca is an award-winning actress, and Minaii holds the distinction of being the world’s first Black Young Elsa in a stage production of Frozen.

The producers have now entered the film in several festivals. There's more information on the film's IMDb page.

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