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Local catering and hospitality can experience ‘tech of future’

Local pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, hospitals and schools are being offered the chance to experience what is being described as “technology of the future, and leave their own mark in the history of catering”.

It’s part of a government-sponsored clinical trial of a new type of ice making machine sanitiser, co-developed by Cardiff Metropolitan University and Hygienico.

Described as a “unique alternative to the existing costly technology”, the sanitiser is developed by Ozone Industries of Andover and Cardiff Met.

It’s a compact invention which offers time-saving maintenance, lower operational costs, healthier environment for staff and clients, and lower public liability risks.

Ozone (O3) is commonly used in catering, hospitality and healthcare to sanitise air and water, liquid containers and working surfaces, but most ozone generators still rely on the use of UV or electrolysis. Both methods are criticised for uing a lot of energy, having limited and hard-to-vary output, needing a lot of maintenance, being expensive, potentially unsafe and difficult to clean.

The new technology is based on the corona discharge method, an alternative way of generating ozone. It’s compact and uses less power.

Hygienico’s CEO, Martyn Jutsum, sees HygienICETM CIM as a device likely to revolutionise the catering and hospitality industry and re-write its standards of hygiene: “Ice machines are commonly used in catering and hospitality, but HygienICETM is capable of producing pure, hygienic, ice, while ensuring clean and safe components, surfaces and working environment.”

Hygienico is now selecting members of the food and drink sector who volunteer for free participation in the final stage of this Government-backed clinical trial before the product will become widely available.

Any businesses in the Cardiff area interested in the trials, can contact Martyn Jutsum at

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