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Llanishen High School opens prom shop

Llanishen High School has opened a prom shop in a bid to tackle throwaway culture.

Pupils can borrow any outfit for their end-of-school prom, free and return it after the event, thanks to generous donations of suits and dresses.

The initiative also addresses the financial pressures that many families are currently experiencing, due to the cost of living crisis.

Headteacher, Sarah Parry explained: “In terms of uniform and clothes, we want to tackle the throwaway culture that exists, particularly in fast fashion.

“The cost of a school prom can be prohibitive for some families which goes against our school principles of equity and inclusion.

“Members of staff, school governors and parents have brought in beautiful items including dresses and suits, and after reaching out to Zara in the city centre, we have received contributions including handbags shoes and accessories.”

She added: “The scheme has been hugely motivating for many of our students who really enjoyed browsing through the prom store and trying on a wide selection of dresses/suits until they find the one that they like.”

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