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Family shows for Christmas at Sherman Theatre

Two special family shows are coming to Cardiff’s Sherman Theate in time for Christmas.

There’s a new version of Peter Pan, aimed at children aged 7+, and Hansel and Gretel for those aged 3-6.

When Wendy meets Peter Pan, she escapes to magical Neverland – a world of fairies, mermaids, and a pirate pursued by a crocodile.

It’s a land where you’re free to play, to have adventures, to fly and sing. But she also discovers a new group of children to look after – a tribe of Lost Boys who are looking for a mother.

Wendy must decide whether to stay in Neverland, or to return home to real life.

Based on J.M. Barrie’s timeless tale, Catherine Dyson’s fun, funny and moving play with songs composed by Gwyneth Herbert, sees the story through Wendy’s eyes.

This spectacular co-production with Theatr Iolo features thrilling flying sequences designed by NoFit State.

Hansel and Gretel is described as the perfect introduction to theatre for children aged 3-6.

It’s Christmas Eve but something’s not right in the woods. Pine trees are changing into sweet trees. The river is flowing with treacle. All of this is the work of Sioned Siocled who is turning everything into sweets!

Only Hansel and Gretel stand in her way. They set off on an incredible adventure to save the woods. On their travels they’ll meet magical new friends including Spencer Squirrel and Trefor Tree. They’ll also learn that asking for help is the bravest thing anyone can do.

Both shows are at the Sherman from 27 November to 6 January. For tickets and information, see the Sherman Theatre website.

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