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Could Rhiwbina be renamed 'Ribena'?

By our Currant Affairs Reporter

Rhiwbina could be officially renamed Ribena in a branding exercise designed to generate much-needed income for Cardiff Council.

We have seen confidential (and possibly genuine) documents dated today (1 April) which suggest that changing the names of areas of the city to match well-known brands could generate sponsorship income to offset some of the budget shortfall.

Professor Ribes Nigrum

In common with local authorities around the country, rising costs and increasing demand for services like social care has left Cardiff with ‘extremely difficult decisions to make' to bridge a £30.3m gap in its budget.

Given the currant situation, the documents suggest the sponsorship deal could help get finances back into the black.

Ribena, the blackcurrant juice drink or squash, originated just 45 miles from Rhiwbina - in Bristol - in 1938. The brand is now owned by Japanese drinks company, Suntory.

Rhiwbina is the first area suggested for the rebranding, due to the similarity of the name.

Rhiwbina resident, Professor Ribes Nigrum, an expert in the economics of fruit juice, told us: "These are tough times. Money doesn't grow on trees, but, luckily, blackcurrants do, and you might say 'it's a berry good idea'," she added. "Although blackcurrants aren't actually berries, I don't think.

"It could certainly appeal to Rhiwbina Squash Club, or have I misunderstood the type of squash they like?"

The situation raises several questions: Will this proposal prove fruitful? Has it planted a seed of hope? Is it juiced in time? And what's the date?

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