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Award for Cardiff Youth Service

Cardiff Youth Service has been awarded the Quality Mark for Youth Work (QMYW) in Wales, receiving the silver award.


Governed by the Education Workforce Council (EWC), the QMYW supports and recognises improving standards in the provision and performance of organisations that deliver youth work services.


Cardiff Council cabinet member Peter Bradbury said: "In achieving the silver Quality Mark for Youth Work award, Cardiff Youth Services have demonstrated the promotion of inclusive practice, celebrating equality and diversity and planned provision to meet the needs of young people.


"Our Youth Services continue their commitment to improving the breadth and quality of support provided to young people throughout Cardiff and youth workers' understanding of the support young people require helps shape the activities and opportunities made available to them."


Speaking on behalf of the assessment team, Education Workforce Council Development Officer for the Quality Mark for Youth Work, Andrew Borsden said "The QMYW assessors were really impressed with Cardiff Youth Service being an active part of Cardiff's Child Friendly City status.


"The participation of young people in planning activities, and in leadership roles was very encouraging. They also noted that the use of digital technologies was inspirational and very creative."


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