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Two ghost stories on their way to New Theatre

Two spooky ghost stories are on their way to the New Theatre - one a proven classic, the other brand new.

Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black arrives on Tuesday 19 September, starring Malcolm James as Arthur Kipps and Mark Hawkins as The Actor..

Over 33 years The Woman in Black played over 13,000 performances in the West End and has been seen by over 7 million people in the UK.

Stephen Mallatratt’s adaptation of Susan Hill’s best-selling novel tells the story of a lawyer obsessed with a curse that he believes has been cast over his family by the spectre of a ‘Woman in Black’.

He engages a young actor to help him tell his story and exorcise the fear that grips his soul. It begins innocently enough, but as they delve further into his darkest memories the borders between make-believe and reality begin to blur and the flesh begins to creep.

Tickets are on sale now - here's the link.

Next year, we can look forward to Murder in the Dark, directed by Philip Franks, which arrives in Cardiff on 27 February.

The cast includes Tom Chambers, Susie Blake, Rebecca Charles, Jonny Green, Owen Oakeshott and Laura White.

New Year’s Eve.  A car crash on a lonely road brings famous but troubled singer Danny Sierra and his extended family to an isolated holiday cottage in rural England.  From the moment they arrive, a sequence of inexplicable events begins to occur … and then the lights go out.

This thrilling new ghost story by acclaimed writer Torben Betts will thrust you into darkness and have you on the edge of your seats until the final chilling twist.

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