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Turn the page on Cardiff's story trails

Cardiff Council's Child-Friendly team has created nine story trails that prove some of the city's most fascinating areas have amazing stories all of their own.

Each story trail is a unique adventure and presents an exciting, fun-filled way for families to explore the city.

They take you from the bustling and historic Cardiff Bay to the serene surroundings of Bute Park, from the lush Forest Farm to the ancient and mystic Caerau Fort and even more amazing locations in between.

Sites in our area also include Llanishen Reservoir and Cefn Onn Park.

Every path is not just a trail, but a chapter in a captivating story inspired by Welsh folklore, penned by local storytellers, and shaped by the creative minds of our schoolchildren living near each of the trails.

Trails encourage playfulness, fun, and engagement with the story - such as finding the next location, taking a bark rubbing, building something out of sticks, and discovering secret places in well-known Cardiff landmarks.

The stories - available in English and Welsh - whisk you off on incredible adventure and you're invited to join in the beachcombing excitement in Cardiff Bay's Flotsam and Jetsam, brave The Witch's Spell in Bute Park, cheer on the Smallest and Bravest at Forest Farm or meet The Boy with the Red Scarf in Cefn Onn.

Jennifer Burke, the council's cabinet member for Culture, Parks, Events and Venues, said: "These wonderful story trails are ideal for all the family to take part in during the long school holidays and align perfectly with the Council's work towards achieving Cardiff achieving UNICEF Child-Friendly City status."

The story trails, organised by the council's Child Friendly Cardiff team, are free, accessible and provide a platform to enjoy, explore and learn from our heritage and surroundings.

If you're ready to set foot on these trails, put on your best explorer outfit and follow the link to the Story Trails page - Story Trails : Child Friendly Cardiff - to start your journey. And for more information about how to discover the amazing stories that Cardiff has to offer, click here Child Friendly Cardiff.

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