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Travel info for Harry Styles concerts

Harry Styles will be performing at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium tomorrow (Tuesday 20 June) and Wednesday (21), and a full city centre road closure will be in place by 12 noon.

The earlier road closure is due to the number of people expected to queue at the stadium gates early in the day and the impact on surrounding roads.

Castle Street and Duke Street will stay open until 4pm, to allow through flow of traffic.

The M4 motorway and surrounding are expected to be very busy. There will be up-to-date information on the Traffic Wales website, or @TrafficWalesS on Twitter and Facebook.

The stadium gates open at 5pm. If you’re attending, please note the prohibited items listed at, in particular the bag policy (no large bags permitted) before travelling into the city.

For full information on road closures, public transport, taxis, parking, cycling and walking, see the latest from Cardiff Council here.

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