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This year, Rhiwbina Events Team are hosting an alternative summer festival with events throughout the summer, writes Sophie Platt.

On Saturday (July 17th), the scarecrow wedding between Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay took place. The newlyweds took a tour of Rhiwbina on their special day, and were greeted by members of the community who came out to see their tour.

The tour called at places such as the fire station, the Memorial Hall and All Saints Church. Some of the residents of Rhiwbina took to Rhiwbina Events Team Facebook page, commenting that they all enjoyed the event, some even posting photos of their family with characters such as ‘Reginald Rake’.

The rest of the festival is currently taking place. The tallest sunflower competition has been running for a few months, and has a deadline of August 21st. Make sure to submit your tallest sunflower before that date.

The Rhiwbina Scarecrow Walk is about to start. Entries are open now, so once your scarecrow is made and displayed, you can submit it and it will be added to the scarecrow walk. It begins on July 31st. If you head to the Rhiwbina Events Team Facebook page, you can see a few examples from last year’s entries.

To keep up to date with the Rhiwbina Summer Festival, make sure you’re following them on Facebook, and Twitter .

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