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Rhiwbina Virtual Christmas Market

Now the festive season is approaching, everyone is completing, or starting their Christmas shopping, writes Sophie Platt.

Normally this time of year, Christmas markets would be opening, and Christmas fayres would be on. Sadly, due to Coronavirus, that isn’t possible, but some people have come up with creative ways to carry on these festivities by going online.

Because Rhiwbeina Primary School cannot hold their Christmas Fayre this year, The Friends Association have decided to put together a virtual Christmas market on Facebook to raise money for the school.

They have created a Facebook group and are offering sellers stalls for £5. Any money made will go to the seller, however the £5 for the stall will go the school fund. When advertising on the group, make sure to include your own final order deadlines as well delivery timescales so that buyers know. The market will be online right up until Christmas, so plenty of time to find Christmas gifts and raise money for the school.

If you would like a stall, email In your reply email, you will be given a stall number which must be used in every post. Sellers are also welcomed to post daily.

This is a private Facebook group, which can be found by clicking here.

You are welcome to invite family, friends and others to the group. We think this is an amazing solution and is a brilliant way to bring the community together and to spread some Christmas cheer.

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