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The Kinetic School of Performance Arts have put on a fantastic show this holiday season. Ghost The Musical is playing at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from Tuesday 17th December 2019 until Friday 20th December 2019.

Ghost The Musical is the timeless tragic love story of Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen. After being mugged and murdered, Sam is trapped between the living world and death, desperately trying to get a message to Molly. However, with the difficulty of being unable to speak directly to Molly himself, he enlists the help of a psychic – Oda Mae. With her help, Sam is able to pass on his message and ultimately save Molly’s life.

The show stars Jack Williams and Jack Meek as Sam, and Sophie Baker and Caz Walsh as Molly. They are assisted by Alex Brown and Taylor Morris as Carl- Sam’s friend, and Rhian Holmes as Oda Mae Brown. They all portray their roles with such energy and passion, and for such a young age it is extraordinary how talented they truly are.

Kinetic School of Performance Arts is a non-profit theatre school for people aged 16+. Their aim is to help up and coming performers learn the skills and gain the experience needed to be successful in the industry. They have been running since 2013 and also have the Kinetic Youth Academy for ages 6-16. The directors, Kris Crowley, Liz York and Emma Pawsey, have put so much effort into this group and it really shows through the performance.

The performance by the whole team is amazing. The thought that went into planning is incredible – especially for the small details such as when Sam is murdered and turns into a ghost. Everyone involved puts in so much effort. It is not just the acting that is amazing, the songs are beautifully sung with such passion. They manage to capture the emotion in the song, making it much more realistic. The way the story is ultimately portrayed is truly heart-breaking and touching.

Ghost The Musical is playing at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and can be seen until 20th December. Tickets can be booked at the box office or by clicking here.

Review by Sophie Platt

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