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Reservoirs to open, thanks to volunteers

Lisvane and Llanishen Reservoirs will open as visitor attractions this summer.

The date has yet to be confirmed, but visitors will be able to enjoy a a new visitor centre, a cafe with views across both reservoirs, and a range of water sports.

Built in the late-19th century, the reservoirs cover 110 acres and include a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for overwintering birds and waxcap fungi.

The site's owners Welsh Water supported the set up of Friends of Cardiff Reservoirs (FoCR), with members of the Reservoir Action Group, which had prevented development on the site.

Volunteers from FoCR have supported rangers with woodland management, preparing the site to welcome visitors.

Their work has included: creating woodland pathways for the education area in the woods, cutting stems and branches cleared for coppicing, monthly Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) counts of non-breeding waterbirds, raking ivy from woodland to help other species thrive, grading stones for dry stone walls, building and finishing dry stone walls alongside the Dry Stone Wall Association and building a wood roundhouse which will become a hub for education.

Peter Fullerton, deputy chair of FoCR said: "We've now got over 200 members and a good group of regular volunteers. It's been great to work with a friendly team on the committee and get my hands dirty with other volunteers on some of the woodland management and dry-stone wall building opportunities. I'm really looking forward to the reservoirs and new visitor centre opening to the public, presenting a wider range of things for me and all the other volunteers to get involved with."

Michelle Impanni, volunteering manager at Welsh Water said: "We are extremely grateful for the support of our dedicated team of volunteers who come to help us each week at Lisvane and Llanishen Reservoirs, come rain or shine.

"When the site opens this summer, the results of their hard work will be enjoyed by visitors of all generations from Cardiff and beyond."

Friends of Cardiff reservoirs are always looking for new members. You can find information here.

Groups interested in volunteering at Dŵr Cymru/ Welsh Water's sites can get more information by emailing

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