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Proposed Changes in Rhiwbina: New Playground and Hub Investment

Two important facilities in Rhiwbina are set for an upgrade this year, with a revamped playground for Caedelyn Park and improvements in The Hub, writes Sophie Platt.

The playground in Caedelyn Park is being upgraded, with proposed plans which many in Rhiwbina have already given their opinions on.

The plans include a ‘Castell Coch Multiplay Unit’ as well as new swings, a spinner bowl and more for older children as well as a climbing frame for young children. There are many more small things for children of all ages to play with.

This park is seen as a big improvement to the existing facilities, allowing children to challenge themselves and stimulate their imagination. More information can be seen in the photos below. Thoughts and opinions on these plans are welcome, however please send them by 10pm on the 31st January 2021.

Rhiwbina Library, now known as the Hub, is also set for changes. The book stock in the library will remain the same, however there are plans to improve the space in the library to allow for more community use.

There are also hopes for more groups in aid of health and well-being for the community and offering support for mental health in the form of mindfulness and other ways.

As well as improvements inside, there are also plans to add an outside area for the community to use. The overall aim of the investment is to make the Hub more community driven, with support for health as well as more groups for arts and crafts.

More information can be found below, thanks to our Rhiwbina councillors. To give your opinion on the Hub renovation, email

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