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Projects aim to save young people from crime and violence

Cardiff Council is delivering two new initiatives aimed at helping the city’s young people avoid gang culture, crime, and violence.

The projects have been established though multi-agency partnerships and are being delivered using cutting-edge technology and interactive theatrical experiences to promote informed decision-making and empower young people.

The Choice of a Lifetime programme is an interactive theatrical play that confronts the realities and consequences of violent crime, knife crime, gangs, and drug culture. Developed jointly with Cardiff Commitment, Cardiff Youth Service and partners across the city, including South Wales Police, Welsh Rugby Union, and NSPCC, it offers a thought-provoking and immersive experience for young people aged 11 to 13.

The interactive play engages audiences in a captivating storyline that sparks critical thinking facilitated by youth workers and Police Community Support Officers. By integrating the play’s themes and messages into educational materials, schools and youth centres can continue to educate and engage young people on these crucial topics throughout the academic year.

A trail-blazing virtual reality (VR) initiative called Virtual Reality Decisions is also being rolled out, providing young people with an immersive experience to navigate challenging situations and make critical decisions in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

This hands-on approach to exploring topics such as gangs, grooming, peer pressure, and substance misuse, equips participants with the knowledge and skills to make the best choices for their future, in real-life scenarios.

Positive feedback from secondary schools across the city, has highlighted the effectiveness of the projects, which have been shaped using the views of young people.

Council cabinet member, Councillor Peter Bradbury said: “These new initiatives aim to foster a safer community by empowering young individuals to make positive life choices and challenge the destructive influences of crime and violence”.

“Cardiff Council remains committed to providing comprehensive support and resources to young people in our communities and these innovative initiatives further strengthen our resolve to tackle the challenges faced by our youth and create a brighter, safer future for all.”

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