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Pet owners put their animals first, says survey

A survey suggests 62% of pet owners in Wales care more about their pet’s wellbeing than their own.

With 22% stating they neither agree nor disagree, that leaves just 16% of respondents to the survey by animal healthcare brand Johnson’s Veterinary Products, prioritising their own personal wellbeing.

The survey, which sought to identify the factors that influence buying decisions when owners seek healthcare products for their pets, offers an interesting insight into the position and priorities of many owners and why their appetite to spend remains so high.

Paul Gwynn, managing director or Johnsons Veterinary Products, commented: “I think it’s a true reflection of how many owners feel, with their pets more akin to children in today’s society.

“Most pet owners, past and present, will be able to relate to this sentiment as pets quickly become a valued part of the family, demonstrating unwavering love and loyalty throughout their lives that earn them a special amount of care and attention from those responsible for their wellbeing.

“Interestingly, the national statistics showed that respondents within the 25-34 year old age bracket were most likely to put their pet’s interests before their own, whilst 61% of female owners agreed with the sentiment compared with 57% of men.”

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