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Pet owners in Wales support dog licences

A survey has found that 76% of pet owners in Wales said they would be willing to pay for a dog licence if they were reintroduced by the Government.

The survey, by animal healthcare brand Johnson’s Veterinary Products, showed a further 38% felt the reintroduction of licences would deter unsuitable dog owners, and 33% believed it would encourage better standards and training, which could protect the public from irresponsible owners and unpredictable pets.

The survey, which sought to identify the factors that influence animal healthcare buying decisions, found that owners in Wales would be willing to pay £28 for a dog licence.

Paul Gwynn, managing director of Johnsons Veterinary Products, said: “This willingness to pay for a dog licence was a surprising response, but perhaps signals that recent high-profile dog attacks have changed the thinking of the majority of responsible dog owners.

“Whilst serious incidents involving dog attacks remain rare, each one is a tragedy and it feels like more could be done to reduce the risks. Dog owners understand the need to train and socialize their dogs, but a willingness to buy a licence in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, whilst a surprise, readily demonstrates the importance they place on regulation of dog ownership.

“With there being an estimated 13 million pet dogs in the UK as of 2021, given that nationally, 71% of those questioned would be willing to pay an average of £38 per animal, the reintroduction of dog licences could raise more than £475m.”

◼️ Meanwhile, Cardiff Dogs Home has received a £95,000 grant from the National Lottery to support its thriving volunteer project, which currently sees 30-40 volunteers inducted each week.

Every year the award-winning team at Cardiff Dogs Home cares for hundreds of lost or stray dogs while they wait to be reunited with their owners or found a forever home. Volunteers play a significant role in that team, mainly taking the dogs out for walks.

The National Lottery grant will help fund a Volunteer Co-ordinator role, as well as volunteer training, regular meetings and a volunteer facility at the Cardiff Council run home.

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