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How you can be part of a made-in-Rhiwbina film

Have you ever wanted to see your name in the credits of a film?

Now you can – and it’s a Rhiwbina film too! The upcoming science fiction short Annalium 8: Sssss is running a crowdfunding campaign to help it through post-production.

In exchange for a donation, from as little as £5, you can grab a unique perk – like an on-screen credit, a script signed by the cast and crew, or a download of the soundtrack.

The film was written by Rhiwbina-born-and-raised Robert Lancey, who still lives in the area.

He is jointly producing the film with Andy Weltch of local communications consultancy Weltch Media and part of the Rhiwbina Info team.

One of the scenes – which caused a stir when the trailer was shown at Monico Movies recently – was filmed at Beulah crossroads. And the rest of the film was also shot locally.

The script, which has been well received in international competitions, is set in a time when a catastrophe has seemingly killed all animal life. But a surviving scientist in full hazmat suit encounters a young girl in a forest – and she appears to be healthy and well…

Directed by Andrew Griffin and starring Francesca Louise White, the film also features Minaii Baelfire, who has the distinction of being the first Black Young Elsa in a stage production of Frozen.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to help with the post-production costs, including editing and sound, as well as potentially entering the film in festivals and having a local screening. For the latest updates you can follow progress on the film’s social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. And to grab a perk and help the film get to the finish line, the crowdfunder is here.

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