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How do your water charges compare?

Water utilities in Wales are in the mid-price range for the UK, according to this new infographic.

The graphic, by rainwater harvesting experts Freeflush, compares the average yearly (metered) cost for water for different regions and colour codes them into a useful map, showing big differences in the amount you are likely to pay to your water utilities depending on where you live.

The colour code runs from blue for the lowest cost up to red for the most expensive water (and wastewater charges) in the country.

Freeflush gathered the data for England and Wales from the Consumer Council of Water using their water meter calculator and basing figures on an average household of four people using 165 m3 per year. Data for Northern Ireland and Scottish Water was gathered separately. The information shows that water prices vary significantly across the UK and what you pay generally depends on where you live and who your water company is.

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