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Birchgrove School film wins bronze award

A short film, shot at a local primary school, with the message ‘it’s OK not to be OK’ has won a bronze award in a national competition.

The film, made by the charity Kidscape in partnership with Giants Live, was shot at Birchgrove Primary School last summer, when Kidscape’s Carole Phillips, spoke to children preparing to go to high school.

With the help of wrestling giants Laurence Shahlaei and Gavin Bilton, she explained that even the strongest people have their struggles and can sometimes need help.

The Smiley Charity Film Awards were hosted by comedian Tom Allen at the Odeon in Leicester Square.

“It was a great achievement for a small charity,” said Carole.

Kidscape’s vision is for all children to grow up in supportive communities, safe from bullying and harm. It provides practical support, training, and advice.

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