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Anna McMorrin retains Cardiff North seat

Congratulations to Cardiff North MP Anna McMorrin, who has retained her seat in Parliament after yesterday's general election.

The Welsh Labour MP posted on X (formerly Twitter) this morning (Friday 5 July): "Thrilled to be re-elected as @WelshLabour Member of Parliament for Cardiff North, alongside my colleagues @JoStevensLabour @SDoughtyMP and @ABarrosCurtis. Thank you Cardiff North for putting your faith in me!"

The full result:

  1. Anna McMorrin (Labour) 20,849

  2. Joel Williams (Conservative) 9,642

  3. Lawrence Gwynn (Reform UK) 5,985

  4. Malcolm Phillips (Plaid Cymru) 4,669

  5. Irfan Latif (Liberal Democrats) 3,168

  6. Meg Shepherd-Foster (Green) 3,160

Turnout: 67%

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