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Children and parents have come together to say a big ‘thank you’ to the people who work in the early years, childcare and playwork sectors in Wales.

As many parents juggle working from home with caring for their children, there is increased respect and admiration for early years, childcare and playwork employees who help our children learn, play and develop.

Now WeCare Wales has produced a video to give the workforce a morale boost and let them know just how much they are missed, as most – except those caring for children of keyworkers – remain closed.

Children and parents were asked to submit their videos for a chance to give childminders, nurseries and playwork officers a shout-out. More than 30 videos from across Wales were sent in following a call-out on social media.

The sector has not only been vital to the response to the Covid-19 outbreak but will also help rebuild the nation as parents return to work and children need care after lockdown.

Sue Evans, chief executive of Social Care Wales, said: “I echo the thank you to all those in the early years and childcare sector in Wales, who have been caring for the youngest members in our communities over the last few months, for the fantastic work they have been doing.

“Our early years and childcare workers have been providing a vital service for our key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. By caring for their children, our early years and childcare workers are making it possible for our key workers to continue to provide services for the adults and children in our communities who need them during this incredibly difficult time.”

Julie Morgan, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services said: “I’d like to add my wholehearted thanks to those of the children and parents in the film.  Childcare practitioners are absolutely key in our ability to respond to Covid-19 and you’ve truly risen to the challenge with great commitment and drive.”

For information on roles available and local employers in social care, early years and childcare sectors in Wales, visit

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