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Wales a nation of animal lovers, says poll

A whopping 97% of respondents to a survey in Wales said animal welfare was important to them, wildlife charity Born Free reports.

At least 90% of those polled by Opinion Matters in Wales believe it to be very or quite important for the next government to include commitments to improving wild animal welfare (90%), tackling wildlife crime (90%), and improving wildlife protection (92%) in their manifestos.

Born Free says the research should be seen as “a much needed ‘wake-up call’ to all political parties”, because “they are thoroughly disillusioned with current legislative and policy failings”.

97% of respondents in Wales said animal welfare was very or quite important to them – higher than in any other nation or region in the UK. Born Free says “This highlights the deep-rooted care and respect the Welsh hold for animals and wildlife”.

Notably, among the results for Wales, 76% of those surveyed believe it is very or quite important the next UK government phase-out the keeping of large animals, such as elephants, lions, tigers, giraffe and rhino, in zoos, wildlife parks and other captive facilities.

Poll results also suggest Welsh respondents want transparent and robust assurances that their money is spent in ways that reflect their values and a lasting commitment to the preservation of the natural world.

And 86% of those asked declared it very or quite important that the next UK government stops using public money for activities which damage nature and wildlife or cause wild animal welfare harms as part of its manifesto.

Other significant findings among voters in Wales:

  1. 87% agreed the next UK government should ban British hunters bringing ‘trophies’ of endangered or vulnerable animals into Britain

  2. 85% agreed the next UK government should tighten the rules on the trade in and keeping of exotic pets

  3. 83% agreed the next UK government should use its influence to end overseas activities that involve animal cruelty such as the slaughter of dolphins in the Faroes

You can read the full research report here.

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