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New resource for social care job-seekers

A new Wales-wide resource to help jobseekers and employers in the social care sector has launched today (Monday 30 November).

The new resource is available on the website of WeCare Wales  – a campaign that aims to attract more than 20,000 extra people to work in social care and childcare over the next decade.

It features an assessment section where the candidate can watch videos of different roles in social care and answer questions about how they would deal with the situations that arise.

Once complete, candidates are given a document that can be shown to employers to help them stand out against other applicants.

ONS reports that 730,000 fewer people in the UK were receiving pay in July than in March. WeCare Wales hopes that by launching the new online learning resource and its updated jobs portal, it will be easier for the right people to be linked with the right employer.

Sue Evans, chief executive of Social Care Wales, said: “With so many people looking for work at the moment, we wanted to provide something that could help potential applicants understand if care is right for them, and if so, help them stand out from the crowd.”

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