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LOGISTICS UK criticises freeze on WELSH ROAD building projects

The body which represents the logistics industry has criticised the Welsh Government’s decision to freeze new road-building projects in Wales while it conducts a review.

Chris Yarsley, policy manager for Wales at Logistics UK said: “The logistics industry relies on efficient road networks to keep the nation stocked with all the goods our economy needs to function, including delivering fresh food to supermarkets and raw materials for construction; the freeze on all new road-building projects is a step backwards for the country as it recovers from the impact of the pandemic.

“It is vital that the Welsh Government recognises the importance of effective road networks to the country’s logistics industry and the role the sector plays in supporting all facets of UK plc.

“Logistics UK supports extra funding for public transport schemes, as outlined in the findings of the South East Wales Transport Commission: private road users should be encouraged to switch to public transport options, where possible, to reduce traffic, emissions and free up existing infrastructure for other road users.

“However, this should not come at the expense of new road infrastructure. We are urging the Welsh Government to reverse its decision to freeze road building spending, to ensure that Welsh businesses and industry can continue to trade effectively and keep consumers supplied with the goods and services they need.”

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