Rhiwbina Goes Plastic Straw-Free

Rhiwbina Goes Plastic Straw-Free

One month on from the campaign launch to make Rhiwbina single-use plastic free, businesses in the village have now abandoned plastic straws, reports Alys Jones.

Most plastic straws are non-recyclable, and when they are discarded they often end up in our oceans and pose a threat to wildlife.

Rhiwbina is thought to be the first community in Cardiff, whose businesses have gone plastic straw-free – the move is said to be saving approximately 500 straws per week from polluting the planet.

Businesses such as Snails Deli, who removed straws some time ago, The Olive Branch and Parsons have completely stopped their use of plastic straws. The Deri Inn has removed straws from the bar and only hands them out on special request. The Butcher’s Arms and Rhiwbina Recreation Club have moved to paper straws, a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Rhiwbina Against Plastic (RAP) posted: “What a fabulous example of how many small campaigns, started by individuals, have gained momentum and brought about change.”

RAP added that although wider public pressure had encouraged businesses to move away from plastic straws, this success indicates the community’s commitment to cutting down on single-use plastics.

The campaign has been supported by The No Straw Stand, who encourage businesses to go straw-free and offer advice on going straw-free at home.

Anna McMorrin MP for Cardiff North said: “Over 500 straws a week will no longer be polluting our oceans, which is an incredible achievement by the community – and in such a short amount of time.

“As a member of the Environmental Audit Committee in Westminster, I’m working hard with my colleagues to put pressure on the Government to introduce legislation that will reduce the amount of plastic we produce in the UK.

“But in the meantime, Rhiwbina Village is an inspiring example of how a community campaign can make an immediate difference through a combination of positive changes by local businesses, and community support when taking advantage of offers and playing their part by reusing bags and bringing reusable coffee cups when they’re out and about.”