Erica delights young readers with tales of missing Sockz

Erica delights young readers with tales of missing Sockz

A local author has been captivating children with her imaginative adventures of a missing sock – and now her colourful character, Sockz is getting a special Christmas story.

Erica Willmott 2Erica Willmott’s first two books Sockz in Paris and Sockz in New York City have been set in her favourite cities, and have proved a huge hit with children, aged 3-7.

The new story – due to be published in October – will see Sockz meeting Santa.

Recent readings in Rhiwbina Library and Whitchurch Library also involved children bringing socks to make puppets.

“Children are a tough audience,” said Erica. “If they don’t like something, they won’t hesitate to tell you! But the response has been fantastic – I’ve read the stories to children as young as two, and they’ve really enjoyed them.”

The books are enhanced with illustrations by Jess Jenkins, and the cover designs suggest a washing machine – where socks inevitably disappear!Erica Willmott NY

Erica discovered her passion for writing when she was studying for her BA in Interior Design as a mature student, preferring to compose her dissertation rather than complete the actual design work.

The idea for the Sockz stories came about when Erica gave her uncle 30 pairs of socks for his birthday only to find that he had no matching pairs left within two months!

Erica Willmott ParisYou can order copies of the Socks books here.